My feet hurt really bad every morning, no matter what shoes I wear. Usually the pain gets better as the day goes on. Where do I start?

This is a common problem particularly with runners, although it can affect anyone. As in any bone or joint, a repeated tension can cause an overload producing inflammation. The most common place for pain is the heel, but it may also occur midsole or near the toes. Diagnosis and treatment require orthopaedic evaluation, in other words call your doctor.

What should I do when I first get injured?

The immediate response is called RICE; and don't ever hesitate to call your doctor for evaluation.

  • Rest
  • Ice (No heat)
  • Compression (wrap it)
  • Elevate

I'm having surgery on my foot soon, what are signs of infection I should watch for after surgery?

The incision will drain some, usually a pinkish-brown fluid as healing starts, if the fluid turns any other color, call your doctor. The incision will be pinkish-red as it heals. It should not be fiery red or hot to touch.

It hurts to sleep on my shoulder and I can barely reach overhead. I pitched a softball game last weekend. What did I do?

The rotator cuff can become damaged or inflamed as in tendonitis in many ways. Overuse causes an irritation of rotator cuff, pinching or impingement can cause painful symptoms, untreated severe tendonitis can cause a partial or complete tear.

There are a number of simple diagnostic tests your orthopaedic physician can do initially in the office. With an accurate medical history and exam, an x-ray or MRI may be necessary to assist in diagnosis. There are a number of conservative treatments which might include rest, cold and heat, medication, and in some instances specific physical therapy instruction which may assist in healing and strengthening.

I landed wrong making a jump shot during a basketball game. I've iced it, wrapped it and stayed off it and 1 week later, my knee is still swollen and feels like it could give out.

Ligaments supporting the knee are tough fibrous tissue joining the upper & lower bones. Injuries are quite common, but if torn ligaments may not fully heal without help. Please consult your orthopaedic specialist.