Elbow pain and injury treatment The elbow is an integral part of how we move and use our body. It connects the three bones in our arms that give us the ability to grab, reach, throw and pull. We hardly even think about how our elbows work – when they are working correctly.  When they are not, it’s a completely different story. Elbow pain can be a constant reminder.

From avid golfers to home gardeners, elbow pain can affect anyone – at any age. Our team of orthopedists are here to help you with even the most complex elbow injury. As a leading orthopedic practice in the Oklahoma, we pride ourselves on using innovative therapies and procedures to help you maintain a healthy joint.

Don’t put up with elbow pain for another day. Schedule a consultation so you can start moving comfortably again.


Learn more about these topics:

• Elbow Fractures are not uncommon. The 3 most common types are 1) Condylar – in the bony part of the elbow. 2) Supracondylar – or a break in the humerus right above the elbow. 3) Medial Epicondylar, or inside the elbow just above the bony protrusion.

• Tennis Elbow can be caused by repetitive wrist and arm motions. Pain is the primary symptom. It usually occurs on the outside of the elbow and sometimes in the forearm and wrist.

• Golfers Elbow is a condition that causes pain in the inner side of the elbow. It is generally caused by excessive or repetitive stress, often by forceful wrist and finger motions. The elbow may feel stiff, while the hands may feel weak.

• Elbow Sprains can happen while playing sports or while doing work around the house. An sprain occurs when you overstretch or tear the ligaments around your elbow. Ligaments are the tough tissues that connect one bone to another.

• Elbow Arthroscopy literally means “to look within the joint.” During elbow arthroscopy, your surgeon inserts a small camera into your elbow joint. The camera displays pictures on a television screen, and your surgeon uses these images to guide miniature surgical instruments.

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